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10 Bad Heart Habits to Break

According to CDC The CDC states that cardiovascular disease has been identified as the top cause of death for both men and women. In reality, it’s estimated that one person dies every 36 seconds due to heart disease within the United States!

It is also referred to as cardiovascular diseases, refers to various conditions related to the heart. The signs of heart disease differ depending on the type of heart disease and may be different between women and men.

In spite of the various types and indicators that heart problems can manifest, it’s vital for everyone to be aware of how to treat it. Everyday activities are considered to be routines of the heart. Harvard Health suggests that these heart-related habits are harmful in isolation and can alter metabolism and alter how your body operates.

Good news: that shifting to heart-healthy lifestyles can help lower the risk of developing heart disease. This is why we discuss the worst heart-related habits and ways to eliminate them!

10 Bad Heart Habits to Break

If these 10 heart-related practices sound like something you’ve experienced, you need to find ways to implement everyday changes to improve the health of your heart.

Even a single change to a unhealthy heart habits can have a positive impact on the health of your heart:

1. Smoking

Smoking causes harm to every organ of the body, including the heart. Smoking cigarettes is to be a significant risk cause for the development of heart disease due to the chemical in tobacco smoke which can cause harm to blood vessels as well as the heart.

Smoking even a little can be considered to be an unhealthy heart-related habit since smoking in any quantity can cause harm to the coronary arteries and the blood vessel. Exposure to second-hand smoke could increase the risk of heart disease since smoke is a source of many of the same chemicals that cause harm.

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