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10 Bad Heart Habits to Break

4. Drinking Alcohol

The impact of alcohol on the health of your heart is dependent on the dose. In moderation, alcohol (or in a non-sense) is considered to be safe for the majority of people.

But, drinking more than the moderate guidelines of 1 to 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink per day for women may have an adverse impact on your heart health. If you drink more than the moderate guideline, it could increase the chance of having a heart attack and stroke, as well as hypertension, as well as heart arrhythmias.

The Harvard Health study of 4900 women and men discovered that those who drank more than 21 drinks containing alcohol per week for men and 14 for women, had an increase of 85 percent of dying, compared to those who didn’t have these practices. This was along with smoking, inactivity levels that were low, as well as not eating enough vegetables and fruits.

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