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5 Surprising Causes of Heart Disease

Heart disease is referred to for its silent killing. It usually occurs in a sudden manner or is discovered in the most critical levels. However, early detection is the most important. In addition to the obvious reasons for heart disease, there are other factors that to be aware of. These are five surprising factors that cause heart problems, and the best ways to stop it.

The feeling of loneliness. 

While this sound like a cliché but there’s a real factual basis to it. Based on research that have been conducted, the risk of heart disease can increase by around 30 percent because of depression and loneliness. The unintentional isolation and loneliness can create stress as well as high blood pressure and depression. As this happens, certain brain chemicals change which can cause further damage to the body. It is essential to have a strong social support system and to avoid be in a state of distress. If you notice an onset of depression it is best to seek professional assistance.

Regular drinking. 

Regular alcohol consumption will not just cause liver disease and addiction however, it can also cause a hardening of the blood vessels as well. The cholesterol level may increase also. This is a contributing factor to heart disease. It’s fine to drink occasionally, but take care to drink moderately.

A Recurring flu. 

If you regularly get sick is a reason to be concerned, and it’s not only the flu. Since it is a viral disease that sufferers of the flu may be severely deficient in their immune system. It’s the reason why flu typically causes colds, coughs, and other diseases. The problem is that a weak immune system may be susceptible to heart problems because the virus could be able to enter the valves of your heart and arteries and, in turn, cause tissue damage.

Insufficient Vitamin D.

 Vitamin D is a vital essential nutrient that is required by our body. Insufficient levels of this vitamin has been proven to trigger heart disease in some individuals. The good news is the fact that Vitamin D can be easily accessible from foods such as oilsy fish, leafy vegetables eggs, egg yolks and orange juice , and soy milk. It is recommended to get checked for vitamin D deficiencies if it is very severe. Doctors will likely offer vitamin D shots or supplements.

Diet Pills.

 Although maintaining a healthy weight is vital however, the way you go about it is equally important. Diet pills, for example are more harmful than beneficial. Certain diet pills contain chemical compounds that weaken heart muscles , cause blockages to arteries, which can lead to heart problems. Choose the safer option by exercising and following a healthy diet. It’s the longest-lasting method of losing weight, but it’s also the most effective. If you’re really keen to try diet pills, talk to an expert. A doctor can offer you an informed decision as well as sound medical guidance.

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