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8 Keto Diet Myths and Facts: What You Need to Know

While the discussion about Ketogenic diet is a topic of discussion, Ketogenic diet is widely discussed however, many are unable to discern which is true or false. Through this post, you’ll learn about the myths and facts about this Ketogenic diet.

What Is Exactly Is a Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is based according to the idea that by reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume and burning fat to fuel your body, thus maximising the loss of weight. It is characterized by the gradual reduction in the intake of carbohydrates and replacing it with fats.

Keto Diet Myths/Facts

Here are the most common Keto misconceptions about the diet and truths.

Myth 1: You Can Consume Any Fat

The truth:When practicing Ketogenic, people consume healthy fats. If you’re looking to stay healthy, stay away from saturated fats and focus on foods that are organic and high in fiber. To avoid any stomach discomfort limit the amount of fat you consume daily.

Myth 2: Weight Loss is the Only Benefit of Keto Diet

Truth:Contrary to what many are led to believe that the Keto diet is extremely beneficial beyond weight reduction. It, for instance, improves the cognitive function, improves the health of your gut as well as regulates hormones in the body and regulates the blood sugar level.

Myth 3: You Don’t Need to Exercise

The truth:Exercising is highly recommended while you’re on the Keto diet. However, in order to get more out of your workouts, be sure that you consume enough calories and give yourself adequate time for recovery. For exercise, you might require more carbohydrates, and it is important to increase your intake of carbs on days of exercise.

Myth 4: Your Muscle Mass Will Reduce

Truth:As opposed to the myth, people who stick to the diet while performing exercises for strength build muscles.

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