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Anger Management – 6 Tips For Facing Provocation Without Losing Your Cool

We are often confronted with comments, statements that, actions, arguments behaviour such as. which can be a nuisance in the extreme. If it’s road rage, the annoyance of a coworker or a grumpy teenager, it’s a sad but a sure bet that you’ll get angry at least times throughout the week. How do you deal with it when confronted with a situation which could cause the Buddha be a bit agitated?

1. Be aware of what’s driving the incident. Is the person who’s making you feel angry in a deliberate way or is it the result of words or actions which he may think is perfect? If the former is the case then don’t offer the impression that the incident was successful. If the latter is the case think about whether showing annoyance could stop the behavior, or let your adversary know that you’ve discovered a hidden gem.

2. Breathe. This is great advice for almost any circumstance and is especially effective for handling anger. It is possible to react which is a an emotional reaction that is impulsive and without reflection, or you could respond by generating feedback that comes after an analysis/reflection and pause to determine the most effective way to deal with the issue. It’s much better to respond instead of reacting. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pause for a couple of seconds (which could seem interminable for you and your adversary) while you consider your alternatives.

3. Talk softly. Most of us tend to shout loudly when we express anger. So, it’s better to speak the opposite way and speak more calmly. It makes you appear calm and reasonable (especially beneficial when your opponent is screaming and ranting and appears to be uncontrollable) and also to get your opponent to be attentive to what you are saying. In Japanese tradition in Japan, when two people argue, the person who is the first to speak wins. It’s a tough technique for us to master, however If you can softly speak when confronted with a challenge You will have more chance of calming your anger.

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