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Applying the Three Principles to Anger Management

What is the source of anger? Not from what actually happens however, it comes the way we think about what is happening; our opinions about what happens. If we don’t have an opinion that is formed, what happens is what happens. Like Shakespeare wrote, “There is nothing good or bad. Thinking makes it so.”

The entirety of experience comes from three pillars of thought, mind and consciousness. No mind, no experience. No thoughts, no experiences. No consciousness, no experience. As long as people do not realize this fact, they feel like they are helpless victims of the circumstances. When they understand the fact that their experiences are solely based on the mind, thoughts and consciousness They no longer feel as if they are numb victims of the events that happen.

Then we return to the subject of anger management. This means that anger is just the results of our thoughts and our opinions. Therefore, there is no “real cause” of anger “out there”. We’re just making up the reason. To alter our perception, it is only necessary to change our minds. When we change our minds, the way we experience things.

If anger originates from our minds What is it in our mind that is causing us to be anger? What is our thought process? Condemnation! Any condemnation comes with anger. There is no condemnation, there is no anger.

If we need to alter our thinking to improve our lives If anger stems from guilt, what liberates the person from anger? Forgiveness.

Think of a time you were forgiven or granted forgiveness. Be patient. Let it sink in. Have been forgiven and forgiven? It’s not necessary to keep track, simply take note of one moment that you have been aware of the numerous times that you’ve forgiven yourself and received forgiveness. OK? Are you okay? Do you feel that wonderful sensation? Feel the satisfaction of forgiveness as well as being forgiven?

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