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Back Pain Caused By Track And Field

Many people enjoy their favorite warm-weather sports again with the arrival of spring. This means that many athletes and students will return to their favorite warm sports. To avoid back pain or other injuries that could prevent you from participating in your sport, it is important to be educated about the common injuries.

Any sport can cause injuries. Here are some of the most common injuries that can occur during various sports.


A majority of people, athletes and office workers, have weaker quads than their hamstrings. This imbalance causes the pelvis to be lower and the lumbar arch to increase. The back arch becomes more pronounced, and the discs between vertebrae become compressed unevenly. This causes the spine to be strained. Joint and disc problems are likely to develop when you combine the jolt force that your body feels when your feet touch the ground while running with. Also, weak hamstrings can lead to strains. Runners need to be extra careful to ensure that their quadriceps strength and flexibility are in balance.

The hip flexor muscle group is another important one runners need to be aware of, particularly the psoas. This muscle connects the upper body and thigh. When running, the psoas is used to connect the lumbar spine and the thigh bone. The tight, rigid psoas muscles pull down on the pelvis, creating the exaggerated lumbar arches that tight quadriceps cause. Running without regaining flexibility in the psoas muscles will only make it more rigid and worsen pelvic misalignment. This can lead to lower back pain.

Regular stretching and myofascial releases can help you achieve balance muscle strength and flexibility. Sports injuries can be helped by a physiotherapist.


Muscle strains are a common problem in hurdlers, particularly in the groin or thigh. Groin strain is often a sign that you are using your body too much or have poor form. You may be lifting your leg too much or too late if you feel groin pain to the side of your backleg. You may be doing too much with the obstacles close to your back if the pain is located on the side of the front leg.

Overuse injuries such as hamstring strains are common in hurdlers. The eccentric contraction of the hamstring in the front leg occurs when the leg is extended. This contraction is associated with high risks of muscle tearing. The trail leg pushes the body off of the ground. Tight hamstrings indicate that you should stop, rest, then warm up before starting again.

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