Beginning Signs of Diabetes – Early Detection of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most silent killer diseases. Diabetes affects more than 23 million Americans. Only about three quarters know that they have it. Six million others are unaware they have diabetes. If the first signs of diabetes are not present, and the patient does not seek medical advice immediately, the disease progresses untreated.

Diabetes symptoms are usually mild and often ignored. People who experience the symptoms often put off seeking medical attention, believing that the symptoms are not serious enough to warrant treatment. Others have busy lives and are unable to take the time to get medical attention.

These are the early signs of diabetes:

More frequent urination

Diabetes sufferers often notice a need to urinate more frequently than usual as a first sign. Although this symptom may seem minor, it is a serious problem. This symptom should not be taken lightly as it is caused when the blood contains high levels sugar.


Another sign of diabetes is the need to consume unusually large amounts of liquid. Although it may seem trivial, this is due to the body’s increased need for fluid to compensate for the decreased kidney activity.

Extreme hunger

A sudden increase in hunger is not a sign of something serious, but insulin deficiency. Because the body needs food to replenish its energy levels, it will experience a drop in energy and a rise in hunger.

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