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Best Jeans For Curvy Women – Review of Levi’s 528 and 529 Curvy Jeans

Have You tried Levi’s Curvy Jeans?

Levi Jeans is one of the most well-known, oldest and most loved brands in the industry. Levi’s is a market leader because there are dozens of styles and finishes available in women’s jeans. You might be a woman with curvaceous features and have concerns about Levis Jeans’ fit.

You might have heard of Levi’s Curvy Jeans. These jeans may not be the right fit for you. You’ll be looking for the 529 Curvy Boot Cut Jean for women (sizes 4-16) or 528 Juniors Curvy Short Jean (sizes 1-13). These jeans are made for women with a classic hourglass figure, smaller hips and thighs, and shorter waists. The jeans have a slim fit which eliminates the problem of a wide waist. The waist gap problem can be fixed with a belt and tailored tailoring. However, Holy Grail jeans offer a flattering fit that is immediately noticeable.

What are customer reviews about Levi’s Curvy Jeans?

The fit of these curvy jeans is a huge hit with women, according to extensive research from Amazon, Zappos and Sears. The 528 and 529 Jeans have received a lot of praise. Many reviews range from “these jeans are the best I’ve ever owned” and “these jeans fit me like a glove.” These jeans have a lot of pros and cons, so let’s take the time to review them before we buy.


Stretch helps jeans keep their shape and allows for a more comfortable fit.

– Versatile – Looks great dressed up or down

– There is no visible back when you sit down or bend over

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