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Can Rapid Weight Loss Cause Back Pain?

It’s been proven that being obese or overweight increases your chance of having lower back discomfort. In light of this it is reasonable to think of the loss of weight as a treatment for back pain. Weight loss that is rapid can, however, cause problems with the spine in a variety different ways.


Diets for weight loss that are fast and rapid often focus on ketosis, in which the body burns off fat because of a decrease in the sugars that it is able to burn. The low-carbohydrate diet falls in this category. If you cut out the grains and fruits in your diet, you’ll miss some of the nutrients that you normally get. The entire body is impacted by malnutrition. Muscles won’t be able to function as they should and could be weak or spasm, causing them to be strained easily.

If your diet is restricted to certain foods, you must be supplementing your diet to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it requires. Consider diets like Ideal Protein that take measures to offset the loss of nutrients.


Diets with low carbohydrate intakes such as Atkins and Zone are diuretic diets. They can increase the loss of water to reduce weight rapidly. If you are not educated or informed it is not difficult to get dehydrated when following any of these diets.

The body is comprised approximately 70 70% water. Spinal discs depend on water to keep their the proper height and absorb shock. In the event of dehydration, the fluids are less accessible to spinal discs which can lead to rapid disc degenerationand bulging, or herniation. Muscles also require fluids in order to take in and absorb electrolytes. When muscles are dehydrated they begin to cramp.

If you are planning to adhere to an eating plan that is low in carbs, make sure that your plan includes specific instructions for water intake.

Loss Of Muscle Tone

People who are pursuing fast weight loss programs with a low caloric intake are advised to refrain from vigorous activities like exercise for a time, as the body is adapting to a lower intake of energy. A lack of exercise can lead to the loss of muscle mass in a short time. The muscles in the abdomen and lower back are intended to cooperate to help support the upper body as well as to ensure the alignment of the spine. When these muscles relax they can cause posture problems. Many muscles in the neck, back and shoulders may become sore and stretched due to poor posture.

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