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Causes of Back Pain For Cashiers

Back pain from work is the most common reason for absence from work and even disability. While jobs that are strenuous such as construction are the most well recognized for their back pain, other jobs that require you to stay mostly stationary during the day can cause the same damage. A lot of cashiers suffer from back discomfort.

The job of a cashier typically involves prolonged periods of standing and moving objects, lifting and twisting. Each of these actions could cause stress in the ligaments, muscles and discs in the spine, as well as joints in the lower back. specifically the lower back.

There are two aspects that can help in preventing and recovering from back pain that is caused by the work of cashiers: 1.) ergonomics in the workplace and 2)) the proper body mechanics.

Cash register ergonomics

A ergonomic desk is created in keeping the requirements for the body in mind, which limits the possibility of strenuous activities such as reaching and twisting. While reaching out for an object or twisting to view the display screen might not appear to be strenuous but doing these activities repeatedly throughout your workday can result in the body to stress itself, which can cause in repeated injuries to your wrist, hand or arm, shoulder back, or neck. This is the reason why ergonomics at your workstation is vital.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a range specific guidelines to workstations for cashiers. Certain are designed to reduce how much twisting that you can do; OSHA recommends using electric conveyor belts to push items towards the scanner, and then carry them back to the opposite side, and placing the display screens within the view of the cashier in an upright position, and keeping the scanner in place and using running treadmills at a level to allow sweep movements in the scanner’s field. The guidelines also suggest methods to avoid dangerous bending and reaching practices by leaving a space for a toe on the bottom of the cash drawer so the cashier is able to stand closer to the workstation , and adjust the height of the baggers help.

If your job as a cashier causes you back pain, see OSHA’s guidelines at http://www.osha.gov/ergonomics/guidelines/retailgrocery/retailgrocery.html#front. If any of these guidelines aren’t being observed in your work environment, notify your supervisor or manager inform your supervisor or manager. A successful business is dependent on a healthy and happy workforce.

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