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Cosmetic History Worldwide and the Growth of the Cosmetic Industry

Over the past several decades, the history of cosmetics has witnessed a number of shifts. The current market for cosmetics is valued at over $50 billion. However, this was not always the scenario. It is important to discover more about the history behind cosmetics before we are able to learn more. Cosmetics weren’t an enterprise in the past and was only used to enhance the appearance of skin. The first time they were used was in the 4th century BC in the time in which cosmetics and business were different worlds.

When we study how cosmetics have evolved over time we discover that Egyptians were the first to make use of makeup. The women who were upper class used oil from animals, fragrances as well as eye colorants to give their appearance an ‘lift’. Cosmetics were initially restricted to a small space, which was where they were created from organic substances. Although cosmetics were initially designed to enhance the appearance of your face but they weren’t readily available for sale.

Also, it was accepted in the West however it was quite late. This was to the dismay of Queen Victoria. Cosmetics were initially used by women of lower class before they became accessible to the population at large. Thanks to advanced and modern techniques and techniques, the French became the first ones to develop cosmetics in large quantities. They replaced dangerous chemicals such as copper and lead with zinc oxide, as well as other non-toxic chemicals. The product soon became a sought-after cosmetic ingredient and women from all classes, even the most affluent started using it to enhance their facial appearance.

Cosmetics were a subject of change after the conclusion in World War II. Due to the rapid growth of industry in the 1940’s, cosmetics became fashionable with women from all over the world. The industry of cosmetics saw an exciting future thanks to the introduction of digital media, such as Television and radio. Actresses started to wear makeup that was readily available to people of all ages and led to significant growth in sales. As time passed, more and more women were using cosmetics for any occasion.

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