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Dental Care For an Abscessed Tooth

The pain is sharp and it gets more severe whenever you chew. Your gums are pink and swollen. You’re experiencing a terrible smell within your mouth. Your jaw appears swelling, you have fever. Is that an infection in your gum? You, my dear, are suffering from an abscess in your tooth, and you’re in need of dental care ASAP.

If you suspect that you have an abscess on a tooth, do not put off visiting your dentist regardless of whether the pain goes away…especially when the pain has gone completely. When the pain subsides it’s a sign that the infection is spreading, and the bone inside your jaw is beginning to deteriorate, which can lead to loss of either one or two teeth. In addition, the problem is just like other infections that if not addressed, it may be transferred to the bloodstream.

A tooth abscess is an infection that can occur within a tooth, or gum. This usually occurs due to an untreated cavity that hasn’t been properly treated however it could also result from gum disease.

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