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Dental Discount Plans: Is AmeriPlan A Legit Alternative to Dental and Health Care Coverage?

Prior to my shift into online marketing I was fired from my position at an Internet startup company. I found myself without medical insurance or dental insurance. The irony is that I’d neglected one tooth that was bothering me for a long time even though I had dental insurance. Also, even though I had insurance, I did not utilize it as… because, well I absolutely do not like visiting the dentist! Also, I didn’t go in to get my routine cleanings or examinations.

As (un)luck could be, when I was not covered by insurance coverage on my teeth for the very first time in my life The frequency and intensity of toothaches increased. I often found myself in bed at night at times until I was crying. I even fought with my wife because scheduled dates and socializing often became a source of stress and grumpy due to the discomfort. And then there was the anger I felt about being without health care and no dental insurance that could help my situation.

In a state of despair I scheduled appointments with my dental professional. We agreed to use a high-interest credit card to cover any necessary dental examination or treatment required to alleviate the discomfort. An examination at the regular interval revealed that I required about 3000 dollars in dental treatment.

When I walked out of the dental clinic I came across a bag of AmeriPlan brochures, which were put on the desk’s magazine rack. The receptionist wasn’t aware of details regarding AmeriPlan when I asked regarding the pamphlets. She was aware the plan was medical prescription, dental and prescription discount plan that could be used in the office. She advised me to search the internet for details about the program because she was not allowed to advocate for or promote the discount plan.

Some Say AmeriPlan’s Dental Savings Are a Scam – Are They?

A Google search led me to a number of forums online where users posted statements about the fact that AmeriPlan is a fraud. It was a bit alarming at first, however I had carefully read the brochure and was aware that the company was not promoting itself as a healthcare service or a replacement for health insurance. I was fully aware that I was not just paying the same amount for copays with every dental visit similar to health insurance. However, I’d still get savings on each individual procedure or treatment.

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