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Depression and Human Intelligence

It is possible to explain the feeling of inexplicable sadness, but it is not something that can be understood by humans. In my previous articles, I explained that depression is caused by a person not having developed all of his psychological functions. His psyche suffers as a result. This is just the beginning.

Although humans are intelligent, he is also a genius. However, most of his mind remains wild and violent. This wild content can cause problems in our minds and make our feelings and thoughts strange and distorted. This content can cause madness in the conscience and is extremely dangerous. This side of our consciousness cannot be eliminated. We need to embrace this wild side of our consciousness and bring it into our human consciousness. This is how you can be more aware of reality.

What does it mean for someone to have a conscious? It is a concept of existence that allows us to understand our actions. We can make sense of all things and also criticize them. We judge others’ behavior and our actions, and we make judgments about them. We also make plans to change the world we live in, according to our beliefs. It’s to be aware or to have an idea about our existence.

Although we believe that the part of our consciousness we know is the only one, there is another, still primitive, side to our consciousness. This grossness is not what you can imagine. The other side of our consciousness, however, is independent and extremely intelligent. This part of our consciousness is a powerful enemy. It wants to control our behavior, and constantly tries to infiltrate our human consciousness. This wild part of human consciousness is extremely intelligent and can set many traps. It is primitive and primitive because it intends to incite suffering. However, it is clever and can use many tricks.

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