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Do Men Still Think About the Other Woman After the Affair is Over?

I frequently hear of women who work difficult to keep their marriage intact after their husband’s cheating. There are usually a variety of problems they have to deal with however their most pressing is the other woman’s and the husband’s thoughts about her. They are worried that their husband “isn’t finished” with her or that he is thinking of her or that he is still interested in her.

The most frequently asked questions I receive I get is “does my husband continue to think about the woman he is with even though the relationship is supposed to be over and we’re supposed to be working to salvage our relationship? Sometimes, I get a dream and I get the sense that he’s thinking of her. If I inquire, he says he’s not thinking about the idea. However, I believe he’s scared to speak the truth since the truth will harm me. How do I stand up to the woman who is supposed to be away from the scene? What do men think about the other woman when the affair is over?”

Answers to such questions will be just as complicated as the individuals and relationships that are involved. The men’s feelings towards the other woman following the event vary greatly and change with time. I’ll revisit this topic in my next post.

Men who observe the other woman’s behavior and the situation when the affair is over clear: Although their wives aren’t convinced they will tell me that they’re sure that the other committed a major error. The majority of men in this category declare things like “I don’t know what thought I was thinking. In retrospect I’m a fool. My wife isn’t convinced that I haven’t thought about her. However, I actually don’t. If there is a moment, it’s only to consider how foolish I was and the risk I took.

If that’s the response you get by your spouse, you could often examine his actions to get confirmation. It could be that, when he is asleep, or even considers her, it’s in the same way as described. If you believe that he is doing everything to rectify the situation and is portrayed as sincere, honest and humble and honest, then you may save yourself lots of frustration and time when you can see that you’ve gained. ‘ It’s impossible to understand his thoughts but you can follow the actions of his character to determine the truth of his actions. In addition, you must decide if will believe him until he provides you with an exact reason to not.

Based on the way in which the relationship ended, some men remember the other woman: When the end of the affair remains very fresh, a lot of men are still left with lingering emotions. Many tell me that since the relationship was abruptly cut short, they could feel as if they don’t have closure and it can trigger them to think at the past.

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