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Dry Skin Care Routine

Are you feeling dry and irritable? This article is for you. Dry skin is characterized by a low amount of sebum, which results in a dry appearance. This is due to the inability to retain moisture. After every wash, it feels tightened and uncomfortable. It can cause skin cracking and chapping if the skin is extremely dry or dehydrated. Dry skin may be found mainly around the shins, hands and sides of the abdomen.

This is most common in winter, when humidity levels are low. Dry skin could also be a result of genetics or inheritance. This problem is often caused by natural skin changes. Wind, extreme temperatures, and air-conditioning can aggravate the condition, making it flaky, chapped, and tightening. You can protect your skin by using a dry skin product that is oil-based to shield it from these harsh conditions.

A simple routine is all you need for dry skin prevention and treatment.

1. For 5-10 minutes, take Lukewarm showers or baths instead of hot.
2. After showering or washing your hands, apply moisturizer immediately

3. Use a mild moisturizing body soap and hand soap

4. Use heavier or lighter creams and ointments in the summers, depending on whether it is necessary

5. Consult a dermatologist to determine the exact cause of your dry skin.

6. To avoid dehydration, you should stay away from caffeine and alcohol.

7. Avoid perfumes, body sprays, and botanicals that can aggravate dry skin.

To keep your skin from flaking and looking sloppy, you need to have a plan. Here are some simple steps to take for skin care.

o Cleaning: Select a cleanser that suits your skin’s needs. The cream one is best for dry skin. Avoid using too much cleanser. All you need is water to wash your face at night. Warm water is best to open clogged pores. Next, use a little cleanser. Then rinse with cool or warm water.

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