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Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity – A Vital Scripture Decoded

“A Tithe is a part of the land which includes both grain and fruits or both. It belongs to the LORD. It is holy to him” Lev 27:30

What exactly does this passage have to relate to physical and mental health, particularly in relation to coronavirus immune?

We’ll see how crucial and important this verse is in battling COVID once we’ve gone through the translated translation decoded.

It is also possible to use an approach to practice to begin.

Let’s first clarify the meaning behind the literal meaning of ‘church’ and biblical giving. They’re very distinct and do not belong to one single entity as we’ll see. Although many religions use the Bible in reference to their beliefs however, the Bible does not reference any specific religious or ritual.

In all its glory The Bible comprises forty authors and 66 books. It’s an instruction guide to the science and art of the mind. It is a source of coded wisdom on how individuals can increase their spiritual development and growth throughout their body/mind/soul. There is an abundance of sophisticated wisdom on how to harness brain power to increase well-being, happiness, as well as creativity.

The intricately coded biblical syntax isn’t intended to be used as a book rather, as study material to decode the mind/body experience and living with it to achieve maximum well-being and peace. The literal understanding of the biblical syntax isn’t enough to ensure the development of the soul according to the intent of the divinely inspired writers.

We do not consider the possibility of developing consciousness beyond the state we were born into. In lieu of listening to soundbites or remembering literal interpretations of other people’s words We opt for soundbites, and memories of their meanings, instead of the direct revelation that comes through our teacher awareness.

Religion comes from the Latin word Re-ligare. Ligare is the word used to define bind. The suffix’re’ is added to mean re-join to link or rebind the human and divine. And ‘church’ that esoterically refers to body/mind, originates from the Latin word Religare.

This’re-binding’ the spiritual experience that we have cannot be achieved for anyone else.

The very essence of God’s nature can be described as pure conscious. It is instantaneous, unknowing silent love and peace that we all were designed to achieve by meditative techniques that are natural.

Silence is a golden thing. Yes, it can be. When the mind comes into contact with the vibrational love-silence of its mind and heals itself, it is made complete. This is an alchemy that transforms the base material to Gold.

The mental processes we experience at birth are influenced by our past life experiences. The mind’s deeper part operates in accordance with the law of subconscious. It has become damaged by the soul’s noise and is now without way to express the divine wisdom. It is also referred to as the veil of spiritual insanity or the”carnal” and “worldly” corrosion.

The motive behind the tax in the Bible becomes apparent when you consider its context “veil” – a condition that causes the divine wisdom of silence to be stifled.

Tithing doesn’t necessarily mean that you give money to someone else.

Many people believe that tithing refers to giving a portion of your earnings or accumulation of wealth to a religious or church organisation. This is entirely wrong. Tithing in the Bible is not about giving money to other people.

In the previous paragraph”church” refers to the mind and body. This context has led to an wrong interpretation of “tithe” which is meant as a gift to the physical “church”.

A lot of people also utilize the words “tithes” as well as “ten percent within the exact same context. These aren’t two separate activities. Hebraic is the Hebrew word meaning “tenth” or “ten percent”. It is therefore impossible to claim that we’re tithing 10 percent of anything. It’s absurd as it’s the exact identical, in grammatically.

According to the scriptures Tithing isn’t about giving goats, money or grain or even physically-based land or animals to anybody. This is not something that is a ‘commandment’. It is human-made to make it appear different.

What exactly is the scriptural meaning of Tithing?

As we have mentioned as mentioned above, the Bible is mostly focused on the study of the mind. It gives guidelines on how to develop the mental faculties to their maximum capacity, morally as well as spiritually. The result is described in a metaphor. It addresses the integration of unconscious reactive thoughts patterns and”the “veil”, the reclamation of unconscious awareness, and thus entering the promised realm.

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