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Exercising for a Healthy Heart

Exercise is crucial to making a healthy body that is supported by a healthy heart. The heart pumps 115,000 times per day to circulate around 2,000 gallons of blood. This is quite a bit to keep your heart healthy by working out to help your heart work for you.

Regular exercise can provide many health benefits, like the prevention or reduction of high blood pressure. If blood pressure isn’t controlled, it can result in complications like aneurysm or metabolic syndrome after a heart attack dementia, and heart attack metabolic syndrome.

The usual recommendation is to perform moderate physical activity for minimum 30 minutes each the day. If you’re an active person who hasn’t exercised for some time, start by breaking thirty minutes in shorter segments of 10 minutes each, in order to give you greater flexibility. If you’re already being an “exerciser”, then try adding an hour in your workout routine each day in order to reap the benefits.

Simple tasks around the house could be considered moderate and so can other activities like playing sports you love. Here are some examples:

* Washing and waxing cars for between 45 and 60 mins

* Clean windows or floors for 45-60 minutes

* Gardening for 30-45 minutes

* Walk in a stroller, 1 mile in 30 minutes

* Leave for 30 minutes

* You can then do a snow shoveling job for 15 minutes.

Steps up to take up for 15 minutes

* Volleyball for 45-60 mins.

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