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Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi – Beauty Hacks

Holi Hair and Skin Care Tips

Holi is an Indian festival that is highly anticipated. All across India, Holi is celebrated with great pomp. People play Holi today with all colors, as well as with oil and water paintings. It can be very damaging to your hair and skin. Holi is not a time to neglect your hair and skin. You don’t have to stop enjoying Holi or avoiding it because you fear for your hair or skin. Follow these tips to care for your hair and skin during Holi.

1. Before you go on Holi, oil your hair and skin.

This will keep your skin protected and prevent it from affecting the color of your hair. Oil can be used to maintain the natural texture of your hair and skin. It won’t take you long to achieve the desired color.

2. Take a bath after Holi

After you have enjoyed Holi with all of your heart and soul, do not take a bath more than once a day. Your skin will not be able to take this bath after it has been through so much pain and suffering. It does not remove the skin’s natural moisture. If necessary, you should only bathe once or twice. To restore PH balances to your body, moisturize it well.

3. Use a nail polish to protect your nails

You can use a nail polish of your choice to protect your nails from the Holi colors. You can choose the transparent nail polish to ensure that your nails don’t get stained easily. This should be done the night before Holi.

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