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High School Wrestling: Cardio Options for Conditioning

Do you think wrestling for six minutes is as long as running the marathon? No. Do you think wrestling a six-minute game is comparable to running a race? It’s not yet. There are times when wrestlers do many runs to get ready for the fight , only to be “gassed” even before their fight is even half-way over. So what can a wrestler do? I’m going to talk about the various cardio options available for conditioning for wrestling.

The first is that wrestling is an anaerobic activity. Anaerobic is a reference to “without oxygen”. The battle is mostly built around the ATP-PC and glycolytic system of glycolysis. The ATP-PC system of energy provides the energy needed for about 10 seconds of workout. Imagine a track runner sprinting 100 meters. Glycolytic power supplies the energy needed to exercise for 10 seconds to two minutes. Imagine a match in which you take control of the opponent period of time before shooting explosively to get the chance to take down. There are a variety of explosive shots in an actual wrestling match. The battle is close to 100 percent aerobicexercise. Contrary to that the running of a marathon takes around 98 percent aerobicexercise. Why not train as the marathon runner when you’re an athlete?

Certain instructors believe LSD (slow longer distance running) can create an aerobic basis. Aerobic fundamental training is thought to improve the anaerobic workout which will be later in the training program. However, some trainers question this belief. Some trainers believe that steady state aerobic exercise such as jogging can cleanse from the body waste as well as speed recovery following intense training. Some trainers are also skeptical of this belief. Trainers who do not favor steady-state cardio generally prefer a certain kind or”HIIT” (high-intensity interval training). HIIT usually involves periods of intense exercise that are alternating with low-intensity periods. For example, one might go from sprinting to jogging 30 seconds, and then jogging for 30 seconds for a specific amount of duration.

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