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How Can I Quit Smoking? #3

The question “how do I quit smoking cigarettes? ” isn’t the true question that the majority smokers would like the answer. The essence of the question to which I’m sure that the majority of smokers would like to know is the answer to is “how do I stop smoking smoking with ease? ” (or “how do I stop smoking smoking with minimal effort? ” and “how do I stop smoking if I don’t have the motivation to? 

These kinds of questions is an valuable skill since the process of quitting smoking is generally considered to be a difficult and difficult job to do. After I had quit smoking at the start in 2006, I found it was easy. What was the reason behind that? I was conscious of the best approach to quit smoking prior to when I decided to quit first time.

Contrary to 95% of smokers, once I quit smoking, I learned how to quit smoking cigarettes long before I ever thought about this. Through learning about what had to be done in advance, I was capable of making it easy.

Most smokers that opt to quit, are doing so without a clear understanding of the goals they want to accomplish. They start with a vow to stop smoking cigarettes and hoping to conquer their desire. They go through the entire process with the knowledge that they’ll have an uphill battle.

That is to say, any person who is normal will read the owner’s manual for the vehicle before attempting to change a wheel or maybe a bulb inside the car. After they’ve been through the directions on changing the bulb inside the wheel or light and will not go back to the manual again since they are familiar with the steps to take. Furthermore the first time they attempt this for the first time, they’re conscious of the steps they need to follow and what will encounter throughout the procedure.

The only difference between turning off the light bulb and stopping smoking cigarettes is that it’s essential to quit smoking one moment! What is the primary reason for that the majority of smokers are attempting to quit smoking multiple times?

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