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How to Quit Smoking by Using a Token Economy Method

The token economy method uses the force in the form of reinforcement and punishment to force people to quit smoking.

The first step is to determine what you’re most interested with. You could decide to learn about golf, science fiction novels, collecting coins, buying shoes or clothing and music, or whatever else you can are thinking of. The only thing to think about is that you must be able to split the interests into smaller segments.

In this case take the scenario you’re looking to play golf. Your equipment is getting worn out and you’d prefer to buy new equipment. You require new balls, as well as a brand new driver for your putter and a the trundler.

Make sure to save as much money that you think you’ll need to buy all the essential things. It may seem expensive, but when you compare it with the cost of smoking cigarettes for a long period of time before dying early, it’s an excellent investment.

Take an unfinished piece of paper and two pens of different shades. Choose the colors you prefer. Draw a table of smaller boxes on the paper. make them numbers sequentially using the other color to represent the numbers 8, 16 32 and 48.

In the following, you should consider the following four items related to your interest. If we’re sticking with golf, you could use the above examples of a set of golf balls or a driver, as well as a trowel. Let’s say they cost more as you purchase the items.

In the 8th place, write “Balls”. Under 16 write “Putter”, underneath 32 “Driver” and under 48 “Trundler”.

After that, you can attach the paper to your fridge. Go through it, and light a cigarette whenever you’d like. After it’s been put in your refrigerator, you will not be allowed to buy anything related to golf until the time it is time to “earn” it. When you awake the next morning you’re able to start.

Imagine that you wake up at around 8 a.m. As you eat breakfast, you might start manipulating your thoughts. Imagine buying the golf clubs. Imagine fumbling them around with your hands and getting the indentations in your hands and feeling their hardness. Think about them rolling towards the cup and imagine the sound they make as they fall into. You’re in search of golf balls. They’re desperately in need of them , but you’re not likely to purchase the balls until you’ve obtained.

The first thing you do is wake up in the morning at 9:00 a.m. If you haven’t yet lit cigarettes, grab an eraser, and then fill the envelope by putting a “1” in it. Give yourself a knuckle-up towards back. Filling out one’s envelope is the result of winning a fight , which is part of a larger fight to make your life better. If you’re done take a moment to reflect on the time that made you feel like an ace: receiving your first pay check, creating romantic connections with your gorgeous spouse or scoring your first sub-90 scoring shot or something else. Close your eyes and try to recall the emotions you felt when you were there. The joy and accomplishment. As you fill out the form, remind yourself that you’re capable of feeling exactly how you felt in that moment of victory. That’s what you deserve!

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