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Improve Dental Health by Eating the Right Foods

How are Tooth Cavities Caused?

Healthy eating can prevent two of the most frequent dental issues that most people have to deal with: cavities or gum disease. The process of tooth decay (that eventually results in cavities) is the result of an accumulation of oral bacteria. The bacteria originates from food you eat , and also is able to attack the sugars in foods (this is the reason that sugary foods aren’t recommended for dental health).

The acid released slowly destroys the tooth’s enamel, then the inner part of your tooth is called dentine. After a while the tooth is eaten away by acid, and it is chipped away, leaving an opening or cavity. Cavities are frequently hot spots for infections caused by bacteria. They can also cause severe tooth pain.

Additionally, the bacteria in your mouth can enter your body through saliva or bloodstream, leading to health issues.

What is the connection to Food and Dental Health?

A balanced diet offers your body the correct amounts of vitamins and nutrients. The body can benefit from nutrients that help it strengthen its immune system, which helps to boost immunity to dental illnesses.

Calcium helps to build teeth and jaw. Anyone who eats an unhealthy diet that is low in calcium has a higher chance to experience dental issues. In order to help the body absorb calcium, the diet should be rich in vitamin D. A lack of Vitamin D within the food may cause the mouth becoming dry, with burning and uncomfortable sensations, and an unpleasant tasting taste inside the mouth.

iron is also required to nourish blood vessels inside the mouth. Insufficient iron levels can cause ulcerated sores or irritation of tongue. Vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron.

The right amount of Vitamin B2 and B12 (riboflavin)and B3 (niacin)can prevent bad breath and ulcers. Your diet should include all of these nutrients. Choosing the right food choices will help you avoid dental issues as well as reverse the effects of tooth decay.

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