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Natural Cures For Abscesses

To flush the infection and to get the abscess open, you can apply poultices that are made of the common plantain (Plantago Major). Simply crush a few fresh leaves and apply the poultice on the abscess. Aloe leaves also work. Take a larger leaf of the plant, cut it into length, then crush it into a paste. Apply the poultice to the area and then replace it every day. Another green solution for the same issue can be cabbage leaf. Utilize them the same way as aloe.

Onions are excellent at getting rid of the infection too. Roast an onion, and apply part of it on the abscess, while the onion remains warm. Place it in the abscess for approximately 3-4 hours, after that, replace with a fresh batch.

The use of figs to treat abscesses from time immemorial. They’re actually listed within the Bible as a treatment utilized by Hezekiah to treat boils. They can also be used to treat gums and tooth abscesses. Make the poultice warm by cutting off a fig and then mashing the insides of it into the form of a pulp. The pulp should be placed on a piece gauze and apply it to the skin of the area affected. Repeat the process four times per day.

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