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Natural Skin Care For Men

Men aren’t inclined to care for their the skin. They shave their stubbles every morning, and apply aftershave.

Some take it one step further and apply an oil-based moisturizer after having completed shaving. Most people don’t realize how crucial it is to take care of their skin.

To stop harmful substances and microorganisms from entering the natural barrier of the skin it is vital to ensure the integrity of the skin. Shaving may affect the integrity of the skin and integrity, something that only a few individuals are even aware. Shaving affects the skin’s barrier function, and permits potentially harmful microorganisms and substances to enter the skin. Shaving also allows for bloodstream access through cutting and nicking the skin.

Even with an electric razor skin may be sloughed by tiny cuts and cuts (they don’t need to bleeding) that can weaken the integrity of skin. Shaving doesn’t just take away the acid protective layer of skin, but also strips away a lot of the skin’s superficial layers including living skin cell layers. This makes the skin more vulnerable.

This vulnerability doesn’t just affect micro-organisms. When the natural barrier that protects the skin is breached, a variety of molecules which were previously considered to be out of reach are now able to penetrate the skin, reaching the deeper layers , and even in the blood stream.

This risk can be minimized by using natural, non-toxic skincare products for men that contain reliable, safe and pure components like herbs and essential oil extracts. Essential oils possess strong antiseptic properties which help keep harmful microorganisms and agents from entering your skin. They also help prevent infections and irritations to the skin. They, in conjunction as herbal extracts relax the skin, nourish it, and shield the skin. They also stop dust, microorganisms and similar, from entering the deeper layers of the skin.

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