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Panic Attack Disorder Facts – Its Causes, the Symptoms, and the Possible Treatments

The symptoms of panic attacks can be experienced by a lot of people at minimum once throughout their life. Everyone isn’t invincible to them. But, there are those of us who do not suffer from a common panic attack. An anxiety disorder known as panic is long-lasting disorder that can be crippling in the sense that it hinders the patient from leading the normal life. Patients suffering from panic disorders are prone to having an attack at any time. The attacks can be triggered from a variety of events or events, based on the person’s personal experience. Individuals affected by this disorder might experience constant and uncontrollable fear and anxiety without obvious reason. In certain cases the patient may experience numerous attacks.

Anyone who experiences such an attack is likely to experience extreme terror and fear without warning and without a motive. The person suffering from the attack may also experience a variety of symptoms that may trigger the anxiety attack in addition. The dreadful feeling that you’re going to die can be terrifying to anyone else but for someone who suffers from panic disorder, fear of the thought of death is amplified. This is the reason that people who are suffering from an attack, which typically lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, end up feeling exhausted and depleted of energy. The attacks can be draining physically and emotionally.

The causes that could trigger panic disorders are different in the individual experiences of each person. But, there are some factors that are very typical in the majority of panic disorder sufferers , which include the presence of certain phobias, heredity, adverse effects of certain medications and even the use of drugs. These are only a few of the potential causes that could cause the anxiety attacks. However, a traumatizing experience could be one of the factors in a person suffering from anxiety attacks. A panic disorder due to genetics means that the disorder can be traced back to family history. If your grandparents or parents have an history of having panic disorders and/or anxiety, there’s the possibility that you and your siblings might develop the disorder too.

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