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Preventative Dentistry: Expelling the Need for Painful and Expensive Dental Treatments

“Be sure to floss and brush before going to sleep” Moms had told us hundreds of times! However, we never heeded the advice and snuck in a sweet chocolate bar prior to bed, giving bacteria and germs the full opportunity to attack our teeth and gums. We all learned this in our childhood, while others had to learn through the tough way, but eventually , all of us were able to accept the unchanging fact that prevention is better than treatment.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

The principal purpose of preventative dentistry is to reduce or eliminate possibility of contracting any dental diseases or illnesses, like periodontal (gum) condition or tooth decay that requires patients to undergo extensive dental treatment, which can be extremely expensive, and pain-inducing. The idea of suffering from the pain of a tooth should be enough to motivate anyone to develop healthy habits for taking care of their teeth.

Prevention of dental disease helps to minimize the negative effects of dental gum disease and decay, and decreases the likelihood of them arising in the beginning. The method used in this kind of treatment is made up of the combined approach of an hygienist and dentist and the collaboration with the patient.

The Prevention Process

Preventive Dentistry is many of procedures are carried out on the patient to ensure the ongoing maintenance of their dental health

First, the dentist will evaluate and assess the current dental health and determine the necessity for any necessary dental treatment. If not, a the dental treatment procedure is carried out. This could comprise:
* The dentist and the hygienist to polish and scald the patient’s teeth

The hygienist can show the patient how to floss and brush their teeth according to their anatomy and recommend further dental hygiene measures such as using a specific mouthwash

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