Proper Glucose Control is Key in Prevention of Vision Problems For Diabetics

The leading cause of blindness in the United States is diabetes. According to estimates, over 14 million Americans suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes is caused by a pancreas that does not produce enough insulin or fails properly to process insulin. This condition can lead to many eye problems, including changes in eyeglasses or contact lenses. There is also a higher chance of developing diabetes and glaucoma.

It’s the structure that looks almost like a wall and runs along the eye’s side. It is made up of light-sensitive tissue and blood vessels. If a diabetic person has blood vessels that leak fluid, blood, or cholesterol, they may develop abnormalities and cause severe bleeding.

Diabetic Retinopathy often doesn’t have associated symptoms until it is advanced. At that point, it becomes more difficult to manage.

Each patient will experience different effects. Common symptoms include blurred vision and sudden loss of sight. An abnormal vessel growth can lead to retinal disconnection or the development of glaucoma.

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