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PTSD Scope and Mode of Treatment

PTSD , also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an ailment that affects thousands of people throughout the world. Every incident that resulted in trauma for the victim or that had the capability to cause injury or even death could cause PTSD symptoms in people.

What it is

PTSD, also known as the condition known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder develops because of any trauma an individual may have experienced. It is normal for a person to feel depressed nervous, anxious, or anxious after a traumatizing or stressful incident. Over time, these symptoms tend to go away. In some instances the issue may develop years later, as PTSD. Traumatic memories from an intense trauma could cause someone to be incapable of moving on with their lives. Although the general assumption is that PTSD predominantly affects soldiers who return from the battlefield, PTSD can in fact be affecting any person. It is usually more prevalent in unexpected or uncontrollable situations which have caused trauma. The symptoms of PTSD manifest within just a few days or even hours after the incident. Sometimes, however it could take several months or weeks for symptoms to show up. The most common causes of PTSD are caused by terror attacks or war, sudden deaths of loved family members, car or plane crashes or accidents, rape, assault, physical violence, kidnap children, natural disasters neglect, etc.

Common Symptoms

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