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Quit or Stop Smoking Gum and Hypnosis – Government Overlooks These Free Addiction Treatments

Imagine an illness that causes more premature deaths every year than HIV or drinking, illegal drugs as well as motor vehicle accidents and suicides, in addition to killings. Consider that the disease takes its victims to an average of seven years to their last days in their final years, with their last years often described as debilitating or painful.

Annual American health costs related to the condition exceed 50 billion dollars. This disease contributes to more than a percent of deaths around the world. In the following 10 years, the figure is expected to grow to 18 percent from all deaths. While it’s not contagious, it is believed that the average of more than 3000 American adult and children that are not affected but live with those affected, will be suffering from disease and eventually die every year.

Despite its serious health risks, this almost free cure-all treatment that has been in use for quite a while. It has been established that the treatment works for over 30% of people who decide to take this treatment. Nearly 80percent of smokers want to quit smoking. In spite of the fact that the government is investing billions of dollars in mandatory vaccinations as well as programs for children, there aren’t any programs available to offer free treatment.

The most destructive “disease,” of course it’s called Nicotine Dependence. Based on research in 1992, published in The Journal of Applied Psychology, Nicotine dependence’s treatment is effective , and even described by the researchers as “the most effective method of quitting smoking. ” The results appear to confirm the same even in a healthcare system that places a lot of emphasis in the utilization of medications.

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