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Quit Smoking & Rebuild Body Supplements

Supplements to Stop Smoking:

Plantain as well as Lobelia are among the most well-known and well-known herbs for quitting smoking. Plantain is among the most safe supplements to stop smoking. While effective, Lobelia may produce stomach pain. Combining Lobelia with Ginger can help reduce stomach irritation. Kudzu Root is known for helping people to reduce cravings for cigarettes and alcohol. Cayenne Pepper is advised to safeguard the lungs from continual smoking. Cayenne Pepper causes uncomfortable gastrointestinal disturbances/heartburn/nausea which can be lessened when taken with Ginger.

1) Supplement: Plantain

Pros: It helps with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, such as moodiness, sensitivity to noise, and insomnia. Lung expectorant. Helps soothe and heal the throat. Helps reduce cravings for nicotine. Diuretic. Helps cleanse kidneys, liver and bladder.

2) Supplements: Lobelia & Ginger

Supplement: Lobelia
Pros: Lung expectorant. Produces mucus that helps clear the your lungs. This reduces the craving for cigarettes. Ginger lessens possible side effects.

Cons: Don’t take greater than 20mg each day. Dosages that exceed 500 mg can be harmful. It is possible to cause stomach discomfort. Also called puke weed. Not recommended for women who have a tendency to vomit or who are pregnant. The use of Lobelia is only as needed.

Supplement: Ginger

Pros: It works together with Lobelia to ease possible stomach discomfort. Aids in preventing nausea withdrawal symptoms.

3) Supplement: Kudzu Root

Pros: Increases the function of the liver. Liver detox. It reduces cravings for alcohol and cigarettes.

4) Supplement: Cayenne Pepper

Pros: Stops smoking cigarettes from turning carcinogenic, which can cause lung cancer. Inexpensive. Anti-bacterial.

Cons: Occasionally, heartburn, acid reflux and nausea. It will subside after 30 minutes to 1 hour. It can be taken along together with Ginger to lessen the adverse effects.

Brands: Nature’s Way or Nature’s Answer

Build Body After smoking:

1) Supplements: Cilantro & Chlorella

Specifics: Removes the body from toxic chemicals such as cadmium mercury and more. through smoking cigarettes or marijuana. Cilantro releases toxic metals in the nervous system and brain and Chlorella absorbs the toxins. 30% of people suffer from an allergy to Chlorella and are required to use Cellulase. Cellulase is an enzyme for digestion that is found in a variety of Plant Enzyme complexes.

2) Supplement: Citicoline

Information: Smoking reduces the flow of blood into the brain. Citicoline helps rebuild grey matter. Nicotine as well as Citicoline both elevate acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for controlling mood and memory as well as muscles. It can reduce cravings for cigarettes. It is recommended to take it in the early morning.

Product: Jarrow Citicoline, Cognizin CDP

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