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Quit Smoking! Two ‘Marlboro Man’ Died of Lung Cancer

The Marlboro male wasn’t shielded from the negative consequences that smoking cigarettes can cause. The two actors that were in the role of “Marlboro Man” passed away from lung cancer, an illness that is caused from smoking cigarettes. One of the actors, Marlboro Man Wayne McClaren was in the commercial for cigarettes in 1976 and then passed away of lung cancer 1992. He survived for a long time following his diagnosis of lung cancer. He also advocated smoking cessation programs. Another Marlboro person who passed away is David McClean who died of lung cancer in the year 1995. David McClean’s family David McClean filed case in the name of Phillip Morris, mentioning that David McClean had to smoke up to 5 packs a throughout the day, to film commercials and print ads for Marlboro cigarettes.

It’s true that everyone suffers from the negative consequences that smoking has on us. According to the reports, Phillip Morris, the founder of the company which manufactured Marlboro cigarettes Phillip Morris too passed away from lung cancer. The truth of this assertion is in doubt because Phillip Morris’s cause of death was not mentioned in biographies published on the web. The possibility is that possibility that it was…

At the time of 1800, folks used to smoke cigarettes of as well as simple cigars. Later, filters were invented to protect the cigarettes industry from falling sales.

Popular publications like Reader’s Digest’s have many a time run initiatives against smoking, informing the public about the possible adverse health impacts, including cancer. This has inspired journals of medical science and research to take on health issues related smoking cigarettes.

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