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Remotivation Therapy: What a Concept?

Activity professionals are exposed to various therapeutic methods, both traditional and innovative, regularly. Each therapy is developed to enhance living quality of the patient. There are many types of treatments, including music therapy, pet therapy, aromatherapy, and vaildation therapy. Every one of them is well-known and is used by professional athletes all over the world, but there is a lesser-known therapy technique that is known to as motivation therapy. This gives a fantastic chance to learn more about.

Remotivation therapy has been defined by the National Remotivation Therapy Org. Inc. (N.R.T.O.) (N.R.T.O.) “Remotivation is a small group therapeutic modality innature, desinge to help clients by promoting self-esteem, awareness and socialization.” ( The people who lead the groups are known as Remotivation Therapists. The N.R.T.O. Inc defines Remotivation therapy as Remotivation therapy therapist as one who utilizes Remotivation therapy to target to the “unwounded” areas of the person’s personality in order to encourage them to consider the reality. This is distinct from other treatments as it does not concentrate on the person’s limitations. Instead, it focuses on the capabilities that clients have.

The benefit of the therapy of motivation is that anybody can perform this kind of therapeutic treatment. This technique is utilized in Long-term Care or Assisted Living, as well as Adult Day Care facilities that are provided by nurses, Social Workers Chaplains, chaplains and other volunteers. Our clients work with an interdisclinary team in relation to their treatment. If this method is utilized, it will improve your quality of life of the patients.

Remotivation therapy can be provided as an individual or tiny group. Given that we serve an array of clients with LTC it can benefit those who suffer from dementia, require more stimulation in the sensory sense and are able to live independently, as well as those who are cognitively and physically competent to take part but prefer not to to participate. Remotivation therapy is one of the tools that is able to reach out to non-responsive people. It assists other people with their resocialization capabilities. This technique can also help the client maintain or enhancing his physical and cognitive capabilities.

A session of Remotivation Therapy is designed to make it an atmosphere of fun. The session is comprised of five steps.

Step 1: Affirmation of the Climate: The counselor greets each person in the group. The facilitator will say something positive to every person.
STEP II: The Bridge to the Real World This step is where the facilitator uses bounce questions to introduce the group into the topic of the day.

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