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Restorative Dental Treatments: Dental Implant, Crown And Bridges

According to reports, dental services represent the largest percentage of benefits paid from private health insurers (the Australian government’s Department of Health declares that dental care made up 51 percent of the total benefits paid by private health insurance companies between 2011 and 2012, which was $1.79 billion). Restorative dental procedures specifically can be quite expensive yet are essential for maintaining good dental health.

The various forms of restorative dentistry treatments comprise crowns, dental implants and bridges. These types of treatments help to improve your smile and making sure that you are protected from oral health problems that may arise in the future. This is accomplished by repairing the damaged tooth or substituting missing ones.

Dental Implants

If you are tooth loss, implants could be the ideal option to restore a complete collection of teeth. This procedure involves the anchoring metal of an implant for dental is inserted deep into the jaw bone. After that, a false tooth is placed on it, resulting in a solid tooth that looks similar to the real one.


Of all restorative dental procedures, and all other dental procedures crowns are among the most expensive (the Australian government’s Department of Health states that the average cost of crowns for dental treatment among private insurance Australians were $1,397.98 in 2012). This is due to the fact that dental restoration requires knowledge, specialized materials and equipment.

A crown is essentially made of a cap into the shape of the tooth. It is placed on natural teeth to offer protection for teeth that are damaged. Crowns are not just like natural teeth they’re also equally tough.

There are many instances where you might require crowns. In the International Dental Foundation identifies some indications that you must look for:

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