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The Benefits of Mixing MCT Oil Into Your Ketogenic Diet Plan

In our lives, we’re constantly talking about must-haves. If you’re driving a top quality car, it must be using most advanced motor oil flowing throughout its pistons. If you’re competing at an elite quality in a track race high-end running shoes are an absolute must-have. If you’re celebrating an amazing quarter in the office and you want to drink the best bourbon, it’s essential. I’d like to suggest that should be your first choice if you’re serious about following the ketogenic diet, MCT Oil is a must-have.

MCT Oil provides a heavy dose of the substances that transform your body into – and maintain it as a fat-burning machine. In contrast to LCTs MCTs, MCTs do not go through much of the digestive process other fats undergo. MCTs operate in a like a carb in the way they’re transported direct to your liver which is where they’re used to generate energy.

There are numerous reasons that MCT is a perfect fit to the Ketogenic Diet, but help you comprehend how they be a crucial part of your nutrition, here are a few of the major advantages of MCT Oil to Your Ketogenic Diet plan.


As you’ve already guessed that MCTs are a part of your liver and behave in an “carb-like” manner that LCTs don’t have the capacity to perform. This means that you could theoretically trigger Ketosis with these steps:

1. Fast without breaking.

If you’ve been away from Ketosis for a while and are looking to restore yourself to an energy-burning state using a combination between fasting, and MCT Oil will do the job. You just need to eat a very low carb meal or take a break from dinner and awake and skip eating breakfast! Instead, sip an espresso, and then add one or two tablespoons of MCT oil in your cup and then go for a walk!

The dose of MCT along with the already fasted condition of your body, will bring you back in Ketosis faster than if you tried eating slowly to slowly to get back into Ketosis (i.e. the nutritional Ketosis). It’s also important to note that the energy that you gain by taking the MCT Oil as well as the coffee will differ from the one you’re used to: The MCTs offer a long-lasting energy source which isn’t as powerful as glycogen energy.

2. Meal replacement using MCT Oil

Another benefit to the use of MCT Oil as part of your Ketogenic Diet is the possibility of using it to replace meals.

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