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The Causes of Common Dental Issues

As long as you remember you’ve heard of “cavities” as well as “gum disease” several times. You’re likely to have had at least one dental cavity and at least one bout from gingivitis (low-level gum disease) at any point in your lifetime. These are the most prevalent dental issues people are aware of. Since there is so much happening in the mouth and an array of food and beverages that pass through it during the day, other dental problems can develop. You may or might not have encountered:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Chronic Bad Breath
  • Chronic Dry Mouth
  • Canker Sores
  • Tooth and Jaw Pain

Causes of Dental Issues

There are a variety of causes for the dental problems that are commonly reported. A variety of causes are ones that the patient can take care of to address. Below are the most frequent dental health issues that cause problems:

Dental hygiene and health issues are not good for your teeth. A poor dental health as a result of inadequate or poor hygiene practices at home is the main reason to the vast majority of dental problems. Lack of flossing and inconsistent brushing could leave food particles that are decaying in the mouth , which can causes gum disease and tooth decay that can cause more oral health issues, like bad breath, tooth loss and weak jaw bones.

Trauma. A trauma to the teeth, or gums due to an injury could cause damage and weaken the tissue protecting it. This can leave one’s mouth susceptible to tooth decay cracked or chipped teeth dental injuries and even lost teeth. The most common injuries to the mouth result in the chipping, breaking, cracking or loss of teeth. If any of these occur patients should visit the closest dentist , or ER room immediately as swift treatment is necessary to save teeth.

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