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The Dangers of Belly Fat

Did you realize that belly fat doesn’t just alters your appearance and appearance, but also puts danger in terms of your overall health? It is important to know that there is more to know about belly fat, and it is much more hazardous than just impacting your self-esteem. If not taken care of, the bulge can cause serious harm. Let’s take a close review of how fats adversely impact your health.

It’s a fact when we hit our 30s the metabolism slows down. This is that it becomes more difficult to shed the excess fats or slim down.

The Anatomy of Fat

Fats aren’t all good for you. They are present in your body to serve as insulation. The fats you build up during summer serve to keep you warm in winter and food isn’t plentiful.

This kind of adipose tissue is known as subcutaneous fats. They’re under the skin and over your abdominal muscles. There is a different type of fat, which is the kind that forms within your internal organs. These are known as visceral fats. This is the most hazardous type and could lead to many different ailments. The truth is that all fats are risky, but they are greater when they pile within your stomach.

How Do Belly Fats Come to Be?

One of the most common reasons for stomach fat can be due to an unhealthy diet. When you eat with no inhibition , and then combine it with a lifestyle that is sedentary it increases the chances of developing the belly bulge.

Stress can be a contributing factor in the increase of belly size. When you’re subjected to constant stress it triggers cortisol, which is a hormone that stores the fat and accumulates in the midsection.

Similar things happen when women go through menopausal. As estrogen levels is reduced, the distribution of fat inside the body shifts and is primarily focused on the belly area.

Disadvantages of Belly Fat

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