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The Dental Implant Process

Consultation: Before beginning the process of obtaining a dental implant you’ll be given a consult with an expert in implant surgery. Your dentist might not be the one to conduct this consult. Make sure you ask whether they are experienced in this kind of procedure. There are some dentists who complete the entire procedure, including surgery. Although it might seem more convenient to visit the “one-stop-shop” dentist that can do everything on their own but it isn’t recommended until you’ve thoroughly researched their experience in the field, not just dentistry, but as well the oral surgery aspect essential to get the implant successfully.

Making the Implant Site Dental Extraction as well as Bone Grafting. The performance of the dental implant relies heavily on the health of the patient as well as their jawbone prior the placing of the posts for dental implants. A healthy amount of bone is necessary for the implant’s post in full integration into your jaw. Certain patients, especially those who’ve been missing teeth for several years aren’t able to build enough bone that is healthy enough to accommodate the implant. In these instances, an experienced specialist can perform an operation called a bone grafting to strengthen the bone around the implant site. In this procedure the surgeon will extract healthy bone from another area of the body and insert it inside the jawbone. If bone taken from another area of the body isn’t an option, alternative alternatives include bovine bone or cadaver bone. It is contingent on the particular situation it could be necessary to remove an existing , non-performing, damaged or damaged tooth or teeth in order to accommodate implants.

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