The Diabetic Food List – What’s Good For You?

Knowing the diabetic food list is a key step in determining what food is best for a patient. When it comes to the preparation and creation of a diet plan, the food list is also crucial.

These are the items on the diabetic food menu:

1. This category includes all breads that use whole grains as the primary ingredient. There are many foods high in starch on the market. Cereals, grains, and pasta all have high levels of starch. A serving of bran cereals, for example, has 80 calories, 15g carbohydrates, 3g protein, and very little fat. One serving of bran cereal, for example, is one-third of a cup.

This category also includes starchy vegetables and dried beans. Also included are crackers, biscuits toasts pretzels and tacos. These food items can be served in one serving. The rule of thumb is that the more starch in the food, the less the body will need.

2. Meat List. This is the main source of protein. This is why diabetic food lists include meats. Further, meats can be divided into four categories. These are the very lean and lean, medium-fat, high-fat, and low-fat meats. These groups are able to provide a steady 7-gram serving of meat. Each group will have a different fat content and calorie count. Lean meats have 0-1g of fat and 35 calories. Leans contain 3g of fat and 55 calories. Medium-fat is slightly lower at 5g and 75 calories. High-fat is the one with the highest amounts of calories and fat at 8g and 100 calories, respectively.

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