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The Facts About Uterus Infertility

About 2-5% of women in their 20s experience uterine infertility. The childbearing years are between 15 and 44. It is possible to conceive and have a baby even if you have uterine problems. The presence of uterine problems doesn’t always mean infertility.

While some uterine issues can permit conception, they can also cause complications during pregnancy. This can lead to miscarriage, premature labor, and premature birth. Pregnancy problems can be caused by fibroids and malformed uteruses.

These are some of the possible causes of uterine infertility.

Asherman’s syndrome is a condition that causes intrauterine adhesions and scar tissue to the uterus. This condition can cause irregular menstrual cycles and may also be a sign of uterine adhesions. They can prevent conception, and increase the chance of miscarriage if they are implanted.

Adhesions can be caused by previous surgery or D&Cs (doing work that involves the “scraping” of the uterus).

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