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The Regenerated Woman!

Beauty is the crown of creation. Woman is beauty. God rested after creating women. She was a blessing to God, and He knows that He has completed His work in creation after creating woman.

The woman became disoriented as the events unfolded. The woman strayed from the path God had given her to avoid the consequences. She took her husband along on her downward journey to show the power she has. God sent His Son, Jesus, to fulfill His plans for humanity. The gospel’s passion and power to revive, create, and renew the woman was grasped by the woman. God’s generosity towards humanity was welcomed by her. She was open to the generous acts of Divinity toward humanity.

Regenerated women are those who have the divine qualities in them; they are that woman who has been saved from her sins. She is an absolute joy to behold; she is a gift to her world and to her man. She is Abraham’s daughter and knows her worth as the salt of earth and the light of the universe. Proverbs 31 speaks of her as the enterprising woman. She is as humble and prayerful as Anne, Queen Esther, and Mary the Mother of Jesus. She is as innovative as Deborah and strategic as Jokebed. These are its top attributes:

Responsible A responsible woman accepts the best from any situation. She admires the man she loves, but doesn’t despise her husband. She is always ready to offer solutions, suggestions and answers for any situation. Responsible women guide, control ( but subtly), and direct with superior knowledge than his contemporaries. She isn’t directing her man; she is providing a great service.

She is a visionary who sees the things that must be done in order to make life more enjoyable for herself and others. She excels at business and in the affairs of daily life. She is more concerned about the joy and profit that others get from her services than her own.

Responsible women don’t ignore opportunities or needs. Instead, they get to work and make sure everyone benefits.

She is passionate about her husband and his goals. She isn’t looking for immediate satisfaction, but she takes the time to weigh all options and make wise decisions that will lead to great results. She wants to see her man happy and fulfilled by the fulfillment of his dreams. She knows how happy her man will be knowing she is a mature and responsible woman.

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