Skin Care

The Skin Care Routine

What’s the first thing that we notice in someone else’s appearance?. . . Their face , of course. The time of appropriate skin care being reserved for women is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, men are recognizing the importance in “good” skin with every day we grow older. If you suffer from wrinkles, wrinkles or freckles or whatever you think is a flaw, your skincare routines aren’t too late to start. Looking at the plethora of products available that claim to be able to fix one issue and another that claims to perform another is extremely overwhelming, and even confusing. This article will provide you with the fundamentals that will give you all you require to begin your journey towards the perfect clean and clear face. The skin is the biggest organ of our body, so let us take care of it.

The most basic routine for skincare

Step 1: Cleaning

What is it that they do?

Cleanse excess oil off the skin’s surface and pores

Helps in the process of cell renewal.

Cleans away dirt and grime

Eliminates Bacteria

What is the best way to make use of it?

Cleanse your hands

Pour warm water on your face. It is recommended that you use water with a warm temperature since it aids in opening pores and allow any kind of facial wash later to soak into the skin. The hot water could rupture capillaries and cause unattractive red swivels on your skin, which is not something you would want.

Take a tiny amount of cleanser in your palms (or a wash-cloth or a gauge pad) and then lather. Rub it gently onto your face without being harsh.

Cleanse the neck and up towards your hairline, rubbing it around taking care to scrub every area.

Wash the face using cool water. Repeat the process several times until you have removed all cleanser.

Step 2 Step 2: Exfoliate

What is it that they do?

Removes dead skins cells

Can enhance the efficacy of the moisturiser later applied

Cleans away dull surface layers to expose healthy, fresh layers.

Releasing healthy new layers of skin

Skin appears and feels better. Smother and Softer

What is the best way to make use of it?

Apply warm water to your face

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