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Thyroid Gland

It is a part of the glandular system, also known as the endocrine system. This English medical term is derived from Greek words thyreos, which means “shield” as well as eidos which means “form”.

The thyroid gland is situated in just in front of your neck. It weighs slightly more in women as compared to in men , and becomes larger during pregnancy.

The thyroid gland produces an hormone “thyroxine” directly into the bloodstream. Thyroxine is also known as “thyroid hormone”. Thyroxine is a iodine-containing substance. Actually the thyroid gland is primarily composed of the mineral iodine . It is therefore essential to ensure the health of your thyroid and its function.

The role that the thyroid gland performs comprises the regulation of body growth in infants and early childhood, regulation of metabolism, control in body temperatures, maintaining of skeletal development; and the regulation of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. All of these functions depend on thyroid hormone or thyroxine.

The gland that controls thyroid in the majority of Americans is slow or even inactive. This is particularly true for American women. Inactive or underactive thyroid gland plays a significant part in the current American weight-loss epidemic specifically in women because the thyroid gland is inactive or underactive. gland reduces metabolism, and consequently body heat, which is dependent on the burning of fats that are converted into sugar.

The thyroid gland is a target for many diseases. These are hypothyroidism, goiter thyroid cancer, thyroiditis, and goiter to mention a few. The absence of iodine plays a significant role in the formation of these disorders or the causes.

Many women with thyroid problems seek help from doctors who prescribe damaging pharmaceutical medicines that contain thyroid tracer drugs that have radiation to destroy and irradiate the thyroid gland completely. Western allopathic medicine is their motto is If you aren’t able to solve the problem, you must eliminate it or destroy it.

The thyroid gland in the body is linked with the chakra fifth (throat chakra) an imbalance in the fifth chakra is also an important role in thyroid issues. The chakra is an energy “wheel” that is a “vortex” that is not perceived by the human eye, and is entirely energetically based. There are seven major chakras that are located in specific organs in the body. The fifth chakra is situated in the region of throat. Fifth chakra’s color is blue and light blue, which means any gemstone in that color (or even violet or purple) can aid in balancing or rectify imbalances in this particular chakra.

Blue colored stones include blue laces agate, angelite celestite, chrysocola and lapis lazuli. The stones can be placed directly onto the thyroid gland to last for couple of minutes to correct any imbalances in the chakra.

It’s quite bizarre in it’s sense, that your thyroid in addition to reacting to blue color responds to purple. The main mineral that the thyroid gland produces is iodine. It’s a name that is derived by the Greek word ioeides, which means ” the color purple.”

Iodine is a black-blue solid that turns into an odorous purple vapor upon heating. The thyroid gland reacts to the colors of blue and purple.

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