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Try a Dental Flipper For Your Missing Teeth

Dental flippers are one of the types part of the removable dentures also known as “removable partials.” All removable partials, including dental flippers, use standard acrylic denture teeth to replace missing natural teeth. The pink base, or “plate” part of partial dentures is made of acrylic material similar to the base that is used in conventional full dentures.

The Fabrication

The creation of dental flippers takes many steps. A dentist, or dental tech creates an impression from the mouth of the patient. A plaster mold is created using that impression. The cast along with an order indicating the correct tooth color is sent to a dental lab for actual fabrication.

The technician at the laboratory chooses the right form and the number of teeth made from acrylic in a shade that close to the requirements found in the prescription for dental flippers. The acrylic plate is carefully designed to fit the mouth of the patient (for the upper version) and to be able to sit on the tongue side on the tooth of the user (for lower flippers).).

Certain dental flippers are secured inside the mouth of the patient using an acrylic pink plate that snaps in between teeth. At a cost of a little more the dental flipper could be designed to be secured to the mouth with wires that have small balls at the ends.

Uses for partial dentures

As we mentioned previously that dental flippers are low-cost dental appliances that are that are used in the replacement of missing or damaged teeth. They are typically used for a short period of time while patients wait for a permanent dental bridge or crown to be made. They are also used to help in the healing process following dental implants have been placed in their place.

While a dental flipper is intended to serve as an emergency solution, some are made such that it’s not uncommon wearing them over a number of years.

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