Type 2 Diabetes – Does A Keto Diet Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels?

Is ketogenic eating a healthy option for those who have been given an diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes? The foods recommended to people who have high blood sugar levels encourages weight loss. A ketogenic diet is high in amounts of fat, and is also low in carbs. It is unclear how high-fat diets are an option to reduce the symptoms of high blood sugar.

Ketogenic Diet emphasizes a lower consumption of carbohydrates, and an increased intake of protein and fat. The body is then able to break down fat via the process known as “ketosis,” and produces ketones, a fuel source. ketones. The diet usually increases blood sugar levels, while decreasing the body’s requirement for insulin. The diet was initially developed for treating epilepsy. However, the food choices and the eating patterns it focuses on, are currently being researched for the benefit of people who suffer from Diabetes type 2.

The ketogenic diet is a combination of food items like…

  • pasta,
  • fruit and
  • bread

as a source of to provide energy. For those with Type 2 diabetes suffer from an unstable and high blood sugar levels. the keto diet can help by permitting the body to keep their blood sugar levels at the healthy levels.

What can keto diets help people who suffer from Diabetes Type II? In 2016, the Journal of Obesity and Eating Disorders published an article that suggested that keto diets can aid people suffering from diabetes by increasing their A1c test results, much more than a calorie-based diet.

The ketogenic diet focuses on eating more fat and protein which makes you feel less hungry and leading to weight reduction. Protein and fat can take longer for digestion than carbs, and assists in keeping your the energy levels high.

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