Type 2 Diabetes – Having Had Gestational Diabetes Raises Risk for Certain Cancers

Researchers from Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan and Chang Gung University within Taiwan observed a higher risk than the average of specific cancers in women who have an antecedent of Gestational Diabetes or pregnancy-related diabetes. Their research has been published on February 2019, in British Medical Journal.

A total of 47,373 females who had Gestational diabetics and 943,199 females who had healthy pregnancies were enrolled in the study and followed over three years. Women who had a history of Gestational diabetes were at greater than two times the chance of developing cancer than women who did not have a background. The risk was twice as high for women with a history of Gestational diabetes…

  • More that twice as likely develop kidney cancer.
  • nearly 74% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer in the throat or the nose,
  • More than 37 per cent more likely be diagnosed with lung cancer,
  • approximately 39 percent more susceptible to developing thyroid gland cancer.
  • at 23 percent higher risk to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The study concluded that women with an history with Gestational diabetics should checked for the above-mentioned cancers.

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