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Warfare Prayers to Dissolve Ovarian Cysts (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Ovarian cyst is among the reasons for pelvic pain, discomfort and inflammation, as well as infertility menstrual irregularities and abnormal growing of hair in women in their reproductive cycle. Polycystic ovary diseases can result from an imbalance in hormones (excess hormones over estrogen) and in turn , it can trigger the breakdown of the female hormone, while also releasing excessive hair-causing androgens.

If the cyst is opened the cyst can be full of serosanguineous liquid hairs, teeth and other pasty substances. Ovarian cysts can reveal the faces of the spirits that are responsible for the growth by using ultrasound scans.

Your physician isn’t aware or can’t explain the cause since it’s beyond his training, expertise and expertise. This is why we have the prayer to reduce cysts naturally and miraculously. It is dissolvable naturally by with proteolytic enzymes such as serrapeptase or nattokinase. Spiritually, we deal with this issue through praying for war-like prayers which are the topic of this presentation.

Refrain from all ual or other offenses which could have opened up demonic gates and legal bases for the devil. Request God to forgive you and then open the way for healing as well as the Holy Spirit’s power to be poured out over you to drive out the demon forces. Don’t try to pray through these prayer points that are bulleted and pray until you see your healing manifest. Your dream could be the first sign that your spiritual radar is showing that healing is complete. It is possible for a scan to check that everything is in order. The following are the prayer for deliverance elements:

1. I cut with the help from God’s Holy Spirit the ual demons as well as witchcraft spirits, familiar spirits, and marine spirits that are behind the development of the Ovarian cysts. I remove these evil forces from their roots in the name of Jesus.
2. I renounce all known or not known demon covenants, pacts connections, alliances, links visits, initiations and covenants with night demons. I renounce and cancel any ual sin, absence of prayer, defilement of dreams, or spiritual ignorance that has allowed demons the ability to torture my ual organs or glands.

3. I regulate my ual hormones (estrogen progesterone, testosterone as well as cortisone), in the name of Jesus.

4. With the help from the Holy Spirit I have eliminated all signs of swelling, pain the sensation of heat in my pelvis, and nausea in Christ’s name. Jesus.

5. I declare diving blessings on my reproductive organs and ovaries, in the name of Jesus. (Hold your left hand over your pelvis, on the side that you feel pain you are on only one side).

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