Watch Out, Diabetes Can Cause Blurred Vision or Even Blindness

We live in an age of speed. Everything must be done quickly. We want everything fast. What’s the point of an article on blurred vision? Diabetes is epidemic. More people than ever are losing their sight.

If your vision is decreasing, how will you be able live faster in a world where eyesight is so critical?

The number one cause of blurred vision and vision loss in America is diabetes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a diabetic has a 25-fold higher chance of seeing blurred or losing your sight than someone who is not affected by diabetes. You have a 25-fold greater chance of losing your sight if you have diabetes. This is frightening.

Blurred vision can initially occur as blood sugar levels rise or fall. Higher blood sugar levels can cause retinal damage. Diabetes is more common in people with diabetes if they have it for a longer time. A high percentage of diabetics are over 45 years old. They also have poor blood sugar control. This causes them to develop vision problems within 15 years. It may seem like 15 years seems long. Do you really want to mess with your eyesight?

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