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Why Men Commit To Some Women And Not To Others

Women often think that men aren’t committed. It’s not the reality. Men are looking for to be loved and have a relationship just as women do. However, what they are afraid of is being in relationships that has very little or no attraction and intimacy. They fear being caught in the wrong relationship that is not the right woman.

Let’s go back. In order for men to be able to be a committed partner to a woman, he has to be in love with her. Young men, specifically between the between the ages of 18-30 are at the peak of testosterone. Testosterone for males is selfishness and ego. If a young person does not experience certain powerful life-altering events that force him to develop more quickly, he won’t meet his heart until he is in his in his mid-to-late thirties. It is clear when a person is linked to his heart as they will be genuine compassionate, loving, fatherly and affectionate. You can tell if his sincerity by the quality of his conversation and most importantly by his actions.

Sometimes , a man may be cold and hot. The thing he noticed was confusion. He loves being with you and knows that it can be difficult to establish a strong connection with a woman but you’re not exactly the kind of woman that makes him feel great in himself whenever he’s with you. He doesn’t want to leave you. This is the reason why the man may end a relationship with you, and then say “I’m not ready to be in a relationship” and then months later, he’ll be engaged to a different woman.

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